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Review on SCRIV NETWORK by orlymar cordova

All blockchain solutions on one platform: SCRIV Network

In the field of blockchain, new innovations adapted to the needs of users appear every day in different categories. At the beginning of 2018, Lova and QLee founded a platform that, unlike the others (which generally orient their proposals and innovations towards one or two categories), offered a complete range of solutions and services necessary in the chain field. of blocks. This novel SCRIV Network platform currently stands out as the first to offer a wide variety of instruments and tools to crypto investors. Some of the products or solutions they offer are marked in POW mining solutions, storage, guarantee and verification of data, token or cryptocurrency for P2P transfer, masternode service, among others.
The current token of the platform is the SCRIV. It can be generated through mining, which is based on the Tribus algorithm and the DASH code base, which allows faster transactions and masternodes. In this regard, the platform has a Universal Miner service that automates the administration and monitoring of CPU, GPU, PFGA and ASIC mining farms and allows you to extract the most profitable coins at any given time in real time. The SCRIV network guarantees security, speed, profitability and fairness in transactions.
Although they are a relatively recent platform, without a doubt SCRIV Network to date has offered cutting edge solutions to many who are uniquely presented on the blockchain!

Pros & cons

  • Provides authentic solutions to data verification problems.
  • Its POW proof-of-work system helps protect your network from abuse and attacks.
  • Despite the multiple solutions it offers on a single platform, the network is very versatile, performing all functions with greater speed, security and profitability.
  • Your SCRIV token can be mined through the installation of mining rigs or masternodes.
  • It has a wallet that you can download for free directly from the platform, it is available for various operating systems
  • Available on few exchange platforms.
  • Scriv currently has a daily trading volume under official coinmarketcap figures.