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Review on TNC Coin by Furkan Ceylan

Project with a token in a big decline: TNC Coin

Hi everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will present you my review about the TNC Coin project, a crypto project from the projects section. Thanks to everyone who already read or not.

I met TNC Coin through the Real Research application, which is a mobile application. In this application, you are given TNC tokens if you fill in the questionnaires given at certain times. You can withdraw these TNC tokens to your exchange account at any time and convert them into fiat currencies.

I used this application regularly for about 1 month, but as the application became popular, the value of the TNC token decreased as the number of users increased and therefore the amount of profit was very low.

TNC token, which has been steadily declining for about 1 month, has lost approximately 6 times in value. I can clearly say that those who invest in this token have definitely suffered a great loss.

It is not included in many crypto exchange platforms, but it is still included in certain exchanges and I can easily say that it is a token that you can easily trade.

Pros & cons

  • They give TNC tokens to their users for free.
  • It is located on enough crypto exchange platforms.
  • The TNC token has been in steady decline for 1 month.