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Review on TrustNote by Steven Gray

Definitely possible, so far most volume is on Binance, if its going to be…

Definitely possible, so far most volume is on Binance, if its going to be added to bittrex, $20 sound reasonable to me as well. From my last post half an hour ago to now, it climbed $.50 again, thats some real promising stuff here.
I want to join in the trading and want to buy a few. I wanted to buy in the ICO but was busy moving house so I couldn't do anything back then. Not sure if I am way too late fr the party now but I will try and see if I can buy some in few days. Am waiting for an exchange to release some of my ETH so I can buy some soon. My Dad also missed out on the ICO and he is gutted now. I hope I can buy him some as a belated Birthday gift soon.

Pros & cons

  • I am very conservative in my numbers, I think this meeting with the billionaires, and some youtubers are imputing the price, I think now is the time to launch a new exchange, then the price will go very far. More than possible. Token was trading at around $ 38 per share. It is possible that there will be 100. Wonderful update this project is in very stable position even this is undervalued so that I believe in coming days it will grow so nice. Very soon it will move to new level dev is doing wonderful job and I think a big rise will happen in due time.
  • Yeah that would be great, if there would be a regulation for it. Like for example maximum 15% of the profit would be for the manager, but he could decide how much he takes. So people can decide if they want to join then for that money, based on how experienced he is. Promising announcement after promising announcement, slick graphics and videos, open and honest communication from your team. This is all exactly what I would expect from a team who plans to accomplish a task like this!