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Review on Ultragate by Benaiah Akinlade

Ultragate: Gradually integrating cryptocurrencies into our normal day to day activities

Ultragate project is a blockchain backed ecosystem that provides essential services you need. It provides several fast and secure products such as cryptocurrency, marketplaces (job and online). Ultragate has its own native currency (ULG) which is used as a medium of exchange on the platform. Products and services provided by Ultragate are divided into several categories namely: Jobgate, Marketgate, a Gambling platform (CasinoGate which is still in its developmental stages), ExchangeGate, and Socialgate (both in planning stage).

Jobgate is a platform for connecting employers and people that are seeking job opportunities. Prospective employers can post jobs from any field or work of life on the platform such as designers, content writers, developers, and technicians among many others which in turn enables freelancers to apply based on the requirements of the employers. There are different levels to job postings with different financial implications for the employer. I was able to complete my registration on Jobgate, updated my profile, specify my payment structure and also seek for a job pending approval.

Marketgate is an eCommerce store like AliExpress (Alibaba), Jumia, Amazon, and Konga where sellers can list their products and the buyers can patronize them online. The difference is that these stores accepts payments in cryptocurrencies on the platforms by allowing the sellers and buyers can transact in different types of digital currencies such as ULG, BTC, DBG, ETH, and LTC. My registration on the platform was swift and fast. The stores have the same feel of our conventional eCommerce platforms which makes it easy to navigate. There is a wide variety of goods that you can purchase and sell on Marketgate.

There are several ways earn on Ultragate through investments:

1. You can take projects from the Jobgate platform and get paid in ULG or BTC

2. Work for Ultragate Project, you can earn cryptocurrency in exchange for your services.

3. Set Up a Masternode by having 50,000 ULG coins and earn an annual ROI of 60–65% with Masternode Reward of 4 ULG

4. Staking your ULG coins gives you a percentage reward of 60% for MN and 40% staking of the total block reward.

5. 50% Commissions on referrals from banner advertisements ranging from top banners and side banners

There are not many platforms that provide this kind of elaborate and compact crypto services on the blockchain. This makes Ultragate the pioneer and second to none in this regard. I see this as a way to integrate cryptocurrencies into our normal day to day activities which is an encouraging step in the cryptospace. By time all other pending products and services are launched, I firmly believe that Ultragate will challenge the best of all.

Pros & cons

  • The Ultragate native coin, ULG coin has a Maximum Supply of 32 million coins and a Block Time of 1 minute
  • The ULG Wallet is available for download on WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC, ANDROID, and IOS devices
  • There is no restriction to the fields from which a user can post and search for jobs.
  • The Marketgate portal allows you send and receive payments.
  • Ultragate, is listed on quite a number of crypto exchange platforms like Crex24, Graviex, AltMarkets, Coincodex, CoinGecko, among others. Ultragate platform has a very convenient, secure, and low transaction fee charge.
  • Transactions are completed very fast on the platform.
  • Ultragate platform supports payments with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, DGB and ETH
  • You can earn with your skills on Jobgate
  • Ultragate has not gained global recognition
Benaiah Akinlade
December 21, 2020
Yes, they still have a lot of projects in the works. I believe when they introduce other pending projects, they will become formidable and become a household name in the crypto space
Hasan Abbasli
December 21, 2020
In my opinions ultragate platform's popularity will develop in near future. Because this project is growing globally. But now we can't talk about its global popularity. Thank you for informations.