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Review on Wanchain by José A Rodríguez

Conecting Blockchains as an Alternative for the Cryptocurrency Management

Joining projects that go beyond the simple fact of being a way of digital money is what is getting people interested in it. Since the first result of a blockchain project, many are the developers that are looking not only provides financial freedom but also to make the current networks grow by connecting their services.

Wanchain is a blockchain network that is looking to correct and improve the current blockchain technology status. The company believes that blockchain networks must be linked with others, it means, to be connected because from this way they will become a more operative service. The purpose of this is that connecting different blockchains to a general open-source will benefit them and will expand the open chances for financial freedom and market adaptability. To understand this idea I follow the same draft they provide, the company suggests blockchains working with this improvement can ensure transactions between public and private networks and so on.

Knowing that Wanchain is a multi-blockchain project simplifies even the process of joining it. I consider it a good investment. In general, this is because it is a new way of learning more about this kind of management. Although the idea is not new, Wanchain provides unique benefits. First of all, the process being through the original blockchain, and although it links blockchains, they keep protected in the main core. Secondly, this project has multiple services for multiple enterprises and individuals.

The token of Wanchain is called WAN and it is great for trading out of the network. The good of it is that it offers rewards for staking and it is ideal to cover transaction commissions. Personally, these benefits are good because they are an alternative to substitute simple processes like paying fees with Ether. The staking section is, perhaps, the most profitable service the blockchain offers. Wanchain is partnered with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Eos, and Maker as well as other well-known networks.

The first step to getting in touch with Wanchain is to download its wallet. The process is easy. I like it because it really follows modern technology and it is a product available in every platform known as well as any operating system including Windows, Linux, and Mac. What is more, the most useful and safest hardware wallets, Trezor and Ledger, support the WAN token.

To sum up, Wacnchain is a blockchain network capable of providing good outcomes for financial processes that requires staking. All this is possible thanks to the staking services. Its explorer provides an excellent dashboard with the volume for sale updated. This is a project I would like to invest in because it is really operative and reliable. Perhaps, before doing that I would learn more about its smart contract, but I recommend it for new users. Success in the crypto-world depends on learning how a project works.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent partnership and global coverage with the most profitable cryptocurrencies in the top market. Bitcoin and Ethereum are great partners to connect, store, trade, and go beyond.
  • It has a wallet available for different services including desktop, mobile devices, and the web. Besides, it is partnered to Trezor and Ledger like operative hardware wallets. In the case of Ethereum, it runs in one of the most useful ERC-20 wallets, Trustwallet.
  • The WAN cryptocurrency is a kind of utility token with multiple well-defined benefits.
  • This blockchain is an excellent design for both developers and businesses. Although it is also a good beginning for those learning of the process.
  • The project tries to become more scalable because of being adaptable for many uses.
  • It yet requires to implement better information about some of its features. Although the smart-contract is clear and the roadmap is in constant advance. The blockchain has lost the community's attention.