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Review on Zeitcoin by Azat Serdalyyew

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People have written a lot about this project.

The Zeitcoin movement is a global community that is fighting for sustainable resources on our planet. Helping the needy, investing in innovative methods, and protecting the environment are some of these.

Achieving an uncontrolled financial system that contributes to the equitable distribution of wealth among some people has been a common goal among some cryptographic platforms.

Substitutions or entries are not controlled by real characters. You get coins in wallets with "addresses". It is possible to isolate the workflow to relate the customer’s identity to those areas.

The open source platform means that this service can be used for free. It was created to ensure the equal growth of users in the financial market.

  • Permits are completely unknown.
  • Each transaction is approved in about 2 minutes.
  • There is no downside.

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