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About Zephyr

Zephyr is a reward token for Bitspark's global cryptocurrency remittance network enabling 180+ pegged fiat cryptocurrencies in every jurisdiction in the world and enabling individuals and money transfer businesses to operate without a bank account.

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Zephyr Coin A Bitspark Incentive.

Zephyr is the reward token used by the Bitspark payment network. The token is majorly used to reward users that make use of the payment network. Bitspark is an online Bitcoin trading platform established in 2014, and is based in Hong Kong. You...See full review

Equality was removed from the market before it became ubiquitous.

Breeze is Bitzpark's award-winning digital currency settlement system in the world, enabling 180+ fiat cryptographic forms in every review around the world and allowing people, as well as cash-based organizations, to operate without a bank account...See full review

Wind This note is used to exchange.Goood platform

I have been on the crypto network for quite some time now and beware of new customers who want to investigate the blocking organization, where they put it to make money. The main and important test should be carried out regularly before taking any...See full review

My review to day about the project Zephyr

It's anything but a couple of years prior yet was before long eliminated from the market because of absence of help. At the point when we enter the site now, there is an authority explanation that it halted the help in 2020. Likewise, it is said...See full review

This token is ok for users.

My opinion about this token. This project was created a few years ago, as it was soon removed from the trading market due to non-support of users. Now I look at the website and there is an official statement that it was written there that the web...See full review

A project that disappeared in a short time

Zephyr is a Hong Kong-based crypto money project using blockchain technology. I must say this from the beginning; users did not like this project at all and the project was closed in a short time. Listed only on the Bitshares exchange. Zephyr is...See full review

It was removed from the market before it gained sufficient popularity.

It was launched a few years ago but was soon removed from the market due to lack of support. When we enter the website now, there is an official statement that it stopped the service in 2020. In addition, it is said that users who invest in tokens...See full review

Zephyr aiming higher

Zephyr (ZEPH) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the BitShares platform Bitspark Limited which was established in 2014 created Zephyr, as a reward token for Bitspark’s global cryptocurrency payment network. This enables more than 180...See full review

Zephyrs is not operating again.

Zephyr ZEPH is a cryptocurrency Platform that is operating on the Bitshares Blockchain. By means of Bitshares Platform that was established in 2014 as cryptocurrency Platform and Bitcoin trading in Hong Kong, Zephyr have intention of distributing...See full review

A closed project

The Project Zephyr aimed to incentivise the growth of remittance businesses around the world. Customers had gained access to over 180 fiat cryptocurrencies. The token Zephyr (ZEPH) was used as a reward for MTOs and customers who undertook...See full review