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Review on πŸ” Ultimate Precision: Millrose Available Mill Rose 70886 1429 Inches by Shawn Quick

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Thread sealant is worth the money

It doesn't seem like a big deal for a little tape but I found a PVC leak under the kitchen sink and decided to try it before you call a plumber (connections temporarily sealed with PVC tape but they also started leaking a day later). PVC is cheap and in my case I was concerned that the threaded part is very short so it's unlikely that some of that very thin tape will fit. One of the strands is also in a bent section, which could be a problem. I wrapped 3 crossings by going over the strands a few times, pressing them into the strands and being careful not to let the tape hang over the outside edge which could create turbulence and mess up the water flow. for a few weeks and none of the glued threads have ever leaked, they are bone dry. That's really all there is to it, this stuff works incredibly well. Just make sure you cover each thread carefully (recommended at least 2 times, maybe more if it seems very loose when making the whistle), hold the tape taut when gluing, press the tape against the threads to avoid bubbles occur and make sure the end of the pipe is clean.

  • Compatible with a wide range of gases and liquids
  • Not sure