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Review on Gigabyte Monitor Display Response FreeSync 27", 2560X1440P, 170Hz, Flicker-Free, Height Adjustment, Tilt Adjustment, Blue Light Filter, M27Q-SA, HD by Stephen Barnes

Didn't get a lemon!

I'm happy! I didn't have a lemon! I regret myself that I have remorse, because everything around 1080 has really only been optimized and the picture quality is really not that important to me. This is my fault, not the fault of the manufacturer or the product. Maybe this can help someone else. XD In general, don't let that put you off buying this product. I will list these as POTENTIAL CONS rather than actual CONS since these cons have more to do with my personal preference than a flaw in the product. In any case, this monitor is amazing! Back then, the M27Q was bought for $330. I've listed the biggest potential deal-breakers in the cons. Pros: + KVM switch + IPS + High refresh rate + GSync (unconfirmed but compatible for some people including me) + FreeSync compatible. + Reportedly excellent colors after calibration using the hardware unboxed recommendations, but to be honest I wasn't thrilled after calibration. I have found that I personally prefer brighter, more vibrant colors than what is considered the best color rendering. A little bit on the bottom left but not as bad as some of the pics I've seen on NewEgg. me in the past, despite the failures of some of their vendors. This particular monitor seems to have a high probability of quality control issues and the last thing I want to deal with is the NewEgg service. Read reviews and stories. a screen. Cons: - The biggest negative in my opinion is the quality control issues with this monitor. I got lucky with the gem, but who knows how well this monitor will perform in a few weeks, months, years? This can be said for any product, but for this particular monitor, a LARGE percentage of its reviews on NewEgg, Revain, and BestBuy contain issues. This may be due to the small sample size, but MUST be considered when purchasing. That's why I prioritized customer service when calculating the cost of purchasing this monitor. *** - IPS backlight leaking, but again that's to be expected from IPS monitors in this price range. In my particular case, I'd call my backlight loss a pro, not a con. *** Monitor is actually BGR, not RGB. Do a little research if you don't know what that means. Might be important to you, not me. *** - The stand is not bad, it is good and stable, but it does not allow you to turn into a portrait. Personally I don't mind as I bought a second lever but it's worth considering. However, the stand has a large footprint. Less compatibility in terms of games and performance (it depends). Please read below for more details on my specific scenario. While more games/tech are making 1440p possible, there's just no denying that it's still newer and will require more optimization/availability/availability. esp. with recent scalping issues on GPUs >=(.Other: My main game is League of Legends. For some reason Riot Games hasn't implemented 1440 resolution yet :(. Switching to full screen with M27Q as primary display is IMPOSSIBLE, and my desktop throws an error Playing at 1920 x 1080 borderless gives me a smaller window than what you would see on a 1920 x 1080 monitor For me 1920 x 1080 was the PERFECT size/resolution/detail for me to do this Enjoying the game and playing while fully appreciating it. I can't do all the details on the M27Q because I either have to switch the M27Q to its non-native resolution (which could cause compatibility issues) or to a smaller one game screen than I want Of course I CAN get used to it once I've played the M27Q enough, but it's a bit disappointing.Even if LOL isn't your main game, it shouldn't be be big problem... , the icons are smaller. Handy for making room for more work, but worst for smaller icons. This can be circumvented by resizing the icons on this display, but this may cause compatibility issues with other devices. This reduces consistency if you intend to use multiple 1920 x 1080 and M27Q monitors in a multi-monitor configuration. While I haven't encountered these issues yet, I've had numerous devices that have reported issues with different resolutions in multi-monitor setups, such as: B. Huion drawing tablets. While not an actual issue, it leaves room for potential frustrations/additional troubleshooting considerations down the road.

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