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Review on Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S6/T6, white by Anastazja Woitiul ᠌

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I didn't expect the quality to be so high.

The robot is the bomb. For a long time I used a simpler, but no less bad model ilife v8s, it has a lot of its drawbacks, but it also has a couple of pluses compared to s6. The robot is very quiet, if I started ilife leaving the apartment, then I start s6 in standard mode even at night (I just close the door to the bedroom). A turbo brush on laminate and tile is a controversial thing, it takes longer to clean it of hair than it brings benefits and larger debris gets stuck in it. But on the other hand, when driving on the carpet, the robot itself turns on the turbo mode and then all the disadvantages of the brush on a smooth surface fade into the background, the carpet really cleans very well. The only thing I probably miss is 2 side brushes, as it happens that the debris from 1 flies off to the side and the robot doesn’t grab it, drives around the circle and discards it again. ilife is more thoughtful in this regard and 2 brushes complement and increase garbage collection. I also did not really like the implementation of the wet cleaning mode. In this regard, ilife is just a cut above. At s6, the rag gets wet unevenly and the edges of the rag simply do not participate in washing the floor because of this, bald spots form. But if the rag is thoroughly rinsed in advance, then it is enough for a room of 20 m². Replacing the washing block is very simple, for this you don’t even need to turn the robot over, so rinsing the cloth is not difficult. By the way, the kit comes with both reusable and disposable. I have problems with mihome, the whole "smart home" is on the Chinese server, and the robot refuses to connect to it, only to the 2022 or European server. In this regard, all xiaomi fans suffer. To sum up, the robot is chic. Not without cons, but this may be purely my nit-picking. In general, for all those who doubt the need for a vacuum cleaner robot, I will say this, this is a fighter of the invisible front, his work is not appreciated until you get used to it. In my case, the old model broke down and having lived for 2 weeks without a robot, I realized what kind of work he did!

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  • -Smart -Quiet -Powerful -Stylish
  • -Washing -1 side brush -Mihome

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May 29, 2023
Some pros: The convenient fine automatic vacuum cleaner solving many problems! Now the cleanliness of the house is guaranteed! Its cons: The high price of the goods does not allow everyone to buy this cool thing.
May 29, 2023
Has pros: For everyday light cleaning this is what you need. Removes cat hair well. on a door mat a centimeter high rises without problems. quiet enough, the cat is not afraid. Cons below: I got tangled in the curtains a couple of times, I have to lift them every time, so I only start it manually when I'm at home. Still doesn't clean corners very well.