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Review on Threshold by Abraham Jeremiah

Threshold, another harbinger of success to Startups

Threshold is another VC platform for startup companies to launch their ideas into the open market. Just like many other VC, Threshold helps in the fundamentals of bringing of the startups and also in connecting them with the angel investors to help bolster the financial situation involved in starting these companies. In my time trying to get to understand what Threshold has been doing in the background for some years now, I can see that they have helped many companies achieve a high success rate both in profit and establishments. Unlike the other VC's I have seen and reviewed, Threshold doesn't indicate the number of startups they have helped to establish and the amount of seeds they have raised in order to financially support these startups. in place of this rather I get to see some threshold moments which were truly amazing, interesting stories that shows how threshold has help startups reach their targeted audience.

Reading through the story of Geosites CEO, a startup funded by Threshold, Rachel Olney tells us of how her ideas are clearly became materialized through threshold. Threshold has also helped create popular companies like Shift, a popular online marketplace for used vehicles which has even gone public on NASDAQ (NASDAQ:SFT). These stories and more shows us success rate threshold has applied to its startups. I also like the fact that threshold helps to show job vacancy from the Startups that they have helped establish to bring in notable people into working with them. In my view, threshold is a good place for ideas to be cultured

Pros & cons

  • Threshold is another interesting platform for Startups to begin their journey helping in the buildup and funding
  • Threshold shows job vacancies for startups they have helped establish
  • Threshold moments shows the stories of successful startups, their dreams and how threshold helped them get there. This stories shows he success rate of Threshold
  • They are active on their social media profiles, displaying creative contents of startups they have jointly launched
  • With the good stories seen on Threshold, I don't see any negative views