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Review on Waterpik Flosser Electric Countertop Irrigator by Joel Singh

The best assistant in brushing your teeth

Greetings to everyone who reads this review! :-) I want to tell you about the miracle machine Irrigator Waterpik WP-672 EU Ultra Professional Designer Series. A little background: I learned about this device from my orthodontist when I got my braces (I needed a more thorough cleaning of my teeth). I hadn't even heard of this animal before. This is a device that works from the network. There is a container where you need to pour water (or a decoction of chamomile or other herbs, the main thing is that the decoction is filtered so as not to clog the irrigator), select the optimal mode and remove food debris and plaque. It is also a gum massage. And what is missing a toothbrush - you ask. No, it's really not enough, if you still use only one toothbrush, you can even do a plaque indicator test just for fun. You can buy it at a pharmacy. And then you will be horrified that after the usual brushing of your teeth with a brush, there is sooo much plaque left in hard-to-reach places. The irrigator copes with this task perfectly. Why did we choose this model? We had experience using irrigators from a pharmacy. We did not like it because it was very noisy, the water pressure was weak. This device operates quietly (only 65 dB), also has 2 operating modes (for removing plaque (floss) and for massaging the gums (massage)), 7 nozzles are included (3 standard nozzles, 1 nozzle for braces, 1 nozzle for implants, 1 pocket nozzle, 1 brush nozzle), 70-690 kPa water pressure, 1400 pulsations per minute, 600 ml water tank, also includes a case for storing nozzles, Regular use of the irrigator is the prevention of caries and periodontal disease (periodontitis), solves the problems of bad breath, the most effective cleaning of orthodontic systems (brackets), effective and gentle care of implants, prostheses, prevention of peri-implantitis (rejection of implants), solving problems of bleeding gums. Already using this irrigator for about 2 -s years. We are satisfied. During this time, not a single caries. My husband's gums also stopped bleeding. Takes up little space on the sink. Nozzles should be changed every 3 months. They can be bought at the pharmacy and on aliexpers. We don't have any problems with this. Ordered through the site: [cut by moderator] Price: 8300. Since I am a follower on Instagram, they also gave me a discount using the promo code: Thank you_ARCOM. Issue a warranty certificate for 24 months. Free shipping for about a week. Bought the color black, looks stylish. But this color has one BUT. It leaves a white residue from the water. Which often needs to be cleaned. In the photo you can see this raid.

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Pros & cons

  • Rich equipment, good water tank, good jet power, quiet.
  • Well, only black color can be called a minus, on which there are stains and plaque from water.

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