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Review on 4x Buyer Protection by Mark Green

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Easy and affordable shipping insurance for your customers

I like that you can choose from different levels of coverage, this makes it easy to find what is needed! The price point might be higher than some would prefer but if they are looking at getting something with minimal upfront costs then maybe their needs should change? There's not much room in our industry where we don't have to pay out money up front - whether its freight or labor charges etc so having an option without paying more isn’t always possible here especially as there aren't many options available locally either (the competition has been low).

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Shipping issues such as damage/losses incurred by third parties during transit time which includes theft losses while products remain unclaimed after being delivered through normal channels e.g., courier companies who failed deliver goods due loss /damage occurring outside carrier control & liability protection offered via PCHP program was never enough considering my clients business model involves high value items i.e.; jewelry, watches worth thousands sometimes millions per consignment shipment thus making me personally liable even when insured under standard AGL policy terms - hence why Pchp Program came into play because otherwise no solution other than full payment could ever really help us recover lost revenue resulting form damages incurs prior delivery failure. We love that we can offer our clients this extra peace of mind, knowing their package is protected in transit to its final destination! I wish it was easier when adding items into cart as sometimes they disappear from view so you have no idea if there are any other products added by mistake or not before checkout (or even after). Great product - great service with incredible support team at hand should anything go wrong within 48 hours!!

  • Easy process compared w others for setting all your policies together along side shipping labels printing capabilities + ability provide customers quick access information about how far packages were left behind upon arrival vs promised date of (estimated)arrival times.easy checkouts using secure shopping processes plus 24 hour fast turnaround once requested changes required; also helps
  • Good but not great