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Review on πŸ”‡ Self-Adhesive Soundproofing Weather Stripping for Windows by Jessica Lewis

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Weather Stripping Made me very happy - my review about it

My story is this: I have been living in my apartment for 4 years. All these years I never noticed, but this year, in the kitchen, during a strong wind that blows right into my windows, I noticed that my kitchen curtain literally began to fly. Raising my hand to the fire, I was horrified. The windows do not seem to be old, the plastic is blowing through the cracks from one corner, which is terrible. Well, having nothing at hand, I just plugged them in the old fashioned way with cotton wool, which immediately flew out. I didn't want to use tape. I sat down to look on the Internet for something that could eliminate this trouble. I was surprised by the prices for these same tapes. The wind stopped and I safely forgot that I needed to somehow fix this matter. And then, quite by accident, having gone to a bargain store for a completely different reason, we have one, I saw in the hands of one lady this very Self-adhesive thermal seal made of polyethylene foam . She was really, really grateful. Asking where did she find him? She kindly took me to this department and I was amazed at the price. It cost just something there, about 20 rubles. Having brought it home, I immediately sealed the place where the blow came from and was again amazed that the tape seemed to be thin, but it was holding on to the plastic perfectly and nothing was blowing now. In a roll of 10 meters. I only needed about a metre. Enough for several windows if such a disaster happens, but I hope that this will not happen. The manufacturer of the tape is Russian, OOO PIK from the Novgorod region. Thanks a lot to the manufacturer. Everything is so simple, budget, high quality. The tape fits well on the plastic and is almost invisible. Great product. It’s a pity that I didn’t see this before when I sealed the windows in my house in the village, where there are a dozen of them. Self-adhesive polyethylene foam thermal seal from Pik will perfectly protect your windows and you. I recommend. Thank you for your attention.

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