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Review on Weather Stripping Windows Self Adhesive Soundproofing by Doris Tran

Weather Stripping Really keeps the house warm - my review about it

Our house has regular wooden windows. While they were getting ready and looking closely at the plastic ones, many have already begun to return to the wooden ones, so the issue with the windows is still in limbo. In principle, it would be interesting to try with plastic, but I don’t want to mess around with the alteration, and the repair was recently done. Wooden windows look good and do not create any problems. You just have to seal them up for the winter. Because there is always a small gap in the joints, and it is because of them that it blows cold from the windows. If you do not take into account the usual paper for pasting windows (I consider it ineffective in this case), I also tried self-adhesive tape for windows - I didn’t like it, it gradually peeled off with whole tapes, although it was intended for this purpose. And here's the new stuff. I saw this roll in the Fix Price store. This is no longer paper, this is a thick heat-insulating material, which, moreover, does not require additional glue - one side of it is sticky. This is polyethylene foam, such a fabric is often seen in packaging boxes when buying electronics. The material is not harmful to humans, moreover, it is waterproof. Made in Russia. Producer - LLC "Peak" Novgorod region, village of Kresttsy. The single label has all the information you need. Although only the length of the tape is important for the buyer. 10 m - it didn’t tell me anything, in fact it turned out that one roll was not enough even for one double-leaf window. True, it is inexpensive, you can buy as much as you need. The price of a roll is 24 r 50 k. The adhesive side is inside, there is no other way to detect the glue, it is absolutely transparent and does not spoil the appearance of the glued surface. The ribbon is wide, silvery, almost transparent. But very dense and warm to the touch. It turned out to be very quick and easy to glue: I press the end of the tape to the beginning of the joint and lead it down, gradually unwinding it. Since the tape is self-adhesive, no water or glue is needed. Only a dry, clean napkin - with it I pressed the tape on top after the sticker, so that not a single piece of tape hung in the air, but everything was tightly pressed against the window. At the end I cut it off with scissors, it won’t be possible to tear it off: the tape stretches. It turned out great: after drying, the tape seemed to be pulled into the cracks, it completely closed them and the room became noticeably warmer. It is also draft protection and additional sound insulation. This is what it looks like on the window. This material does not turn yellow and does not spoil the view. A week has passed. I carefully inspected the window, fearing the peeling of the tape as in the case of scotch tape. But no! Everything is holding up perfectly, the tape has not come off anywhere, it also fits snugly against the window. Therefore, I bought a few more rolls to seal two more windows that were problematic in this sense. The only thing you need to pay attention to in the process of window insulation is that you need to do this work only in dry weather, without waiting for dampness and cold weather, at positive temperatures outside the window - then the tape will hold much better. Excellent insulating material, I liked it!

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Pros & cons

  • Inexpensive, easy, fast, the tape is invisible, it insulates well.
  • No.

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