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Review on PUPTECK Adjustable Soft Nylon Dog Harness With ID Tag - Perfect For No-Pull Walking And Outdoor Activities by Lisa Reed

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This is the one! Best value for a well designed minimalist no-pull harness (XS for 8 lb yorkie)

My expectations were low, based on the price and basic materials used. But this has got to be the best value for a no-pull harness. Other harnesses are anywhere from $15-ish to $30ish range, even without no-pull. Most don't have a size that can fit my 8 lb adult yorkie. PUPTECK XS fits well!I just wanted a simple no-pull harness, particularly one that is as minimalist as possible. (Personal preference, I just think it looks better). I've never used a no-pull harness and my dog has always pulled with all his might on walks. Went for a test drive with this harness and he did not pull at all. I thought people were exaggerating when they said they saw an instant change in walking behavior. He kept looking at me and stayed very close to my side.My guess is that when there is tension on the leash, the design of this harness focuses pressure under the front legs' "armpits" and around the lower part of the rib cage. The dog feels this very acutely and they naturally adjust their walking behavior to avoid this uncomfortable squeeze. It does not cause any pain and he seems to walk just fine, so I think this design is a win!It's not the easiest to put on, since you have to put both their front legs into the openings, and then close the buckle on their back. But that's a minor con, considering everything else good about it. Most harnesses have this issue in some form.I'm not too concerned with durability since my dog doesn't play rough and doesn't chew stuff, so the simple woven nylon belt fabric should last for a long time. But nonetheless I like that there is no soft mesh/fabric to stretch or tear. I will be careful with the plastic hardware though, it doesn't look like the toughest plastic. Seems comfortable enough and it doesn't seem to bother my dog, but I will update if it causes any hot spots or irritation. If you don't hear back from me, that means that all is well and you should definitely buy this harness!

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  • This is a well-made, strong harness for my 67 lb. dog. I expect it will last a long time.
  • The sizes run a bit smaller than usual harness sizes