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Review on Heel Pain Relief With Tuli'S Heavy Duty Heel Cups: Cushioned Inserts For Shock Absorption, Plantar Fasciitis, And Sever'S Disease In Green (Small), Made In The USA - 1 Pair by Adam Madden

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Helped a ton.thought it was plantar when its just bad heel fat pad

Im 6'1" and right at 205 pounds.I am very active in that I play basketball at least 3 times a week competitively. Had recurring, almost annual(sometimes bi-annual) cortisone shots in my heel for foot/heel pain, mostly to one foot, but sometimes both. Have a new Dr. this(different insurance) year that told me it wasnt plantar and that he wouldn't give me an injection which basically allowed me to walk at night and in the mornings. I panicked as that meant I was going to become a useless stump on a log. He said it was my fat pad and not my tendons. I have since bought two pairs and only really have a problem with one foot.so I put a pad in my slippers, bball shoes, regular walking shoes and snow shoes and it took about a month, but my foot is 90% better. I have orthotics and I think I have found the cure for my severe heel pain. Thank goodness for a Dr. that knew what he was talking about too. My other Dr.'s just gave me the shots.which helped, but may have actually worsened the condition in the long run. In any case I truly highly recommend these.what a surprise. Best 8 bucks I have spent.Ive had these now for 5 months and I am completely relieved of pain. I dont think these will work on plantar, but if you have tendonitis, bad heel pad, stone bruises, or possibly chin splits.these should give relief. Be careful if you Dr says its plantar.it could be just heel pad problem like I have. You need to have about a size 11 or 12 or larger shoe for these to stay in the shoe properly, and your foot has to be large enough to secure it. I have 4 friends now that have tried them and ALL have seen at least some relief. They do take about a month to work as your heel is rather slow to heal.LOLGood luck as I know foot pain can really suck.

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  • May not be as effective for people with overpronation