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Review on Stay Cool Anywhere with Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Ultra Portable Personal Air Cooler - As Seen on TV! by Gelin Battle

Revainrating 3 out of 5

If there is no choice, you can buy it.

After reading a lot of reviews about this device, I could not determine whether I need it. Therefore, I decided to purchase a mini air conditioner myself in order to understand what kind of device it is. I ordered it via the internet. Came in a day. The box is small, square, about 20/20/20 cm. Weight - up to a kilogram. The design is cute and promising. Pictures are shown on all sides, and everything that is shown on them describes the characteristics of the air conditioner. Each image is accompanied by information in a foreign language. But the translation is not really needed. And so everything is clear. In the first picture we see that you can enjoy family leisure. The second figure shows that the device can be used for work. You can also put it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in general, anywhere. The air conditioner is always nearby and serves to create cool, fresh air. The packaging is comfortable to carry. She has a pen. Inside is the device itself and a brief instruction manual. It is also in a foreign language. Therefore, I was also guided by the drawings. And here is the conditioner itself: It also has a nice design. Square on all sides, the dimensions are proportional: 17/17/17 cm, with rounded corners. Weight - a little more than half a kilogram. Made of plastic, odorless, white combined with grey. Included with the device is a USB cable from which it works. The air conditioner is turned on using the button located on the top. There is also the entire control panel. There are three modes. You can set it to the minimum, or you can set it to the maximum. There is also a backlight button. If enabled, the backlight changes color every few minutes during operation. Now consider the tank where water is poured, preferably clean and cool. There is placed half a liter of liquid. It is the tank that is illuminated. Inside the air conditioner is a filter, as well as a fan. Warm air enters it, cools passing through the filter, and already goes outside, creating a comfortable temperature. Both sides are covered with bars. On the filter side, the grid can be removed and the filter replaced if necessary. I want to note that this model does not completely cool the room. The air conditioner simply lowers the temperature by a few degrees within a radius of up to a meter. Therefore, in the pictures, on the box, everywhere it is shown that the device is near a person. The description from the manufacturer says that the device works up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. That is, if the tank is completely filled with water, this is equal to eight hours of uninterrupted operation. It really does not cool the room, so it was constantly at a distance of half a meter from me. Otherwise, there is no point in it. The air conditioner works quietly. You can talk on the phone and watch TV. My bottom line is this: As for such a portable portable air conditioner, the price is a bit overpriced. It must only be placed on a flat, stable surface, otherwise there is a possibility that water from the tank will spill. You need to turn it on only on the strongest mode, then there is a feeling of freshness. If you want to really cool the room, then you need to spend a lot of money and buy a normal, real air conditioner. The Arctic Air mini air conditioner is so-so, a little lifesaver for children.

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  • Energy efficient design.
  • Too fragile device.