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Review on πŸšͺ Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door: Keeping Nature Out with Retractable Mesh and Self Sealing Magnets by Morgan Gilmore

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A must have when there are kids and pets in the house.

From year to year during the summer season, I constantly have the issue of insect control. So this year, with the advent of early summer, a lot of flies appeared, and especially mosquitoes. I have wooden windows and the actual balcony door is also wooden, it’s not a problem to hang a mosquito net on the windows, but the balcony door is always wide open and, accordingly, all living creatures in the apartment. I saw a lot of advertisements about mosquito nets, and decided to stop at a grid with magnets. In the store, the seller advertised for me as a very popular mosquito repellent (probably it is, since I bought the last net in the store) and very convenient. As it turned out, the grid is sold in a collapsible form, the kit includes two halves of the grid (size 90cmx210cm), two magnetic tapes, two small weight magnets (about 3 cm each), a set of decorative buttons and, most importantly, instructions. When I was about to hang it, I was very surprised that the net still needed to be assembled. It is necessary to cut the tape connecting the two webs on both sides, then insert the magnetic tape along the entire edge of the web (only on the side where the magnetic tape crawls well), then insert the weighting magnet at the bottom, where there is free space and sew. All the same must be done with the second half. This whole assembly took me about 15 minutes (maybe more). Next, the mesh must be inserted into the doorway, it turned out to be not very fast and easy. Decorative buttons do not drive into the frame at all or with very great force, so I threw them back and secured them with ordinary buttons. And for the old balcony openings, this mesh is large, so it still needs to be tucked in on both sides so that it does not warp (for me it was very difficult, and took about 30-40 minutes). As a result, somewhere in an hour the grid hung and looked pretty decent, I was satisfied. The mesh is made of lightweight synthetic material, prevents the penetration of flies, mosquitoes, fluff and even dust. You can safely pass through the mesh, while both parts of the mosquito flaps instantly close behind those passing by. A useful thing at home and in the country, especially if there are children and animals that constantly run back and forth. By the way, the grid is available in a large range of colors for every taste))) After about a month, the magnets slipped down a little, and now the grid at the bottom is not stuck together by magnets, and there is always a small hole at the bottom. Maybe there are better nets, but I caught the eye of Gardex (cost 450 rubles, bought in an ordinary hardware store) and now it flaunts in my doorway. Of course, for not having a better one, I’m satisfied with this one, maybe next year I’ll approach this issue savvy.

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  • Good dust, lint and insect repellant
  • Assembly;