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Review on Payoneer by Amos joseph


Before the inception of crypto currency these financial payment platform have helped thousands of users globally to make seamless transaction both personal and business transaction, using the platform a bridge gap was created for users in other countries to make transaction, I've been using Payoneer for several years now although back then I created my account where I receive payment from freelance paying platforms Payoneer have been of immense help to thousands of business users till date.

Founded since 2005 based in New York Payoneer is a certified finance payment company which is used to support users across the globe to process either cross boarder transaction it's also used in e-commerce website and company for making payments amongst customers it's support global financial commercial payment business companies around the world.

In general Payoneer was initiated to ease inter transaction among business users from more than 200 countries.

Active users can request for Payoneer card which can be used on online payment accepting platform to buy goods and services although there are charges for incurring a new card which will be delivered in some couple days. with Payoneer users can receive payment from any part of the world also user can make convenient currency exchange using Payoneer, it's is compatible with both android and iOS device also users can access their account from browser.

In conclusion Payoneer has been a transparent and recommended financial payment system which can be used for users basic transaction I strongly recommended Payoneer for use.

Pros & cons

  • Certified payment platform support over 200 countries globally
  • Users can receive payment from any country
  • Used for making online payment support commercial companies for payment acceptance
  • Available card can be ordered by users
  • Support and available for use on both android and iOS device
  • There monthly limit for processing transaction
  • Making withdrawal to local bank takes 48hrs to complete
Aman Arora
January 18, 2021
I use payoneer for over five years for receiving monthly payments from one of the top performing ad platform and I seriously like the services but Payoneer Card didn't work as I thought and even though there are delays in regular Bank Transfers payoneer is still best solution for receiving payments from lot of freelancers and content publishers.