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Review on ⌚ Black Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Sapphire Smartwatch with Wi-Fi & NFC by Agata Kleczaj ᠌

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I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

I tested phoenixes for a long time comparing with apple watch. Of course, these are completely different devices, but IMHO this is the only worthy one at the moment. Sensors: they really work, the indicators are not from the ceiling. Barometer, altimeter, heart rate, etc. Before that, there were still amazfit stratos, that's where stupidly random numbers are displayed and no more. Always on display: transflective screen is a must have! My wife, of course, says it looks like a Tamagotchi) nevertheless, it is always on, and it reads even better in the sun! Garmin pay: the thing is convenient, it has scored cards, and you don’t have to take your phone on bike rides. Music: I won't talk about mp3 files like a flash drive. But just in time, spotify came out in 2022! and it is supported in harmins. (By installing the application, you can upload the music that is stored in the cache of the smartphone, even playlists, to the watch) As for the dials and the overall operation of the application / software - it is so-so . If in the Apple Watch it is seamless, smooth and high, then here it hurts the eye first) There are few regular dials. There are many third-party ones, I don’t put them on for one good reason, the clock hangs with them! Here is any action from a third-party dial and the clock is stupid, it's terribly annoying. About belts: Another good must-have is the nylon straps that were first introduced by apple, this is a brilliant thing! The hand does not sweat, elastic and the size can be chosen any. Just exactly the one I changed for harmin (in the photo gray with reflectors) If you don’t want to , I highly recommend buying their new ultrafit belt, which appeared recently with enduro watches. In general, watches for athletes give out a lot of information, there are training plans in the application (running, cycling highway / mtb) Personally, I am completely satisfied with the functionality and purchase! There will be questions ask)

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  • First of all, the presence of many sensors that, in turn, work, and are not stuck to attract attention. Also all ways on display And the highlight of autonomy
  • The disadvantages are funny, but for that matter, I’ll give you what I encountered: Sometimes they fall off the strava (and Bluetooth in general); In order to have the current weather in the watch, you need to constantly synchronize with the application (in the background, the Garmin connection eats a decent battery on the iPhone xs) Few regular dials, (I’ll write about non-standard ones below)

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April 21, 2023
Different pros: Excellent watch, autonomy, functionality, appearance Got cons: Work 2 years. Then either repair or new.

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