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Review on AGORANOV by Abraham Jeremiah

Growing your Start-up can be made easy with Algoranov

With many start-ups finding it hard to get on their games and provide the services they intend to give, probably due to low funding, inexperience and wrong partnerships, Algonarov stands up to the plate to offer in a dimensionally lucrative way to making sure those start-ups don't begin on a rough start. The Algonarov Incubator Program according to my research, is based in Paris of France and in there, handle their clients in bringing them up to standards of which they intend to operate in. From it's website, it's clear achievements can be seen in areas of its direct jobs creation of over 12,000 and over 450 projects or start-ups has been so far, successfully incubated. I couldn't help but notice a popular Loan service available here in my locality Nigeria, FairMoney being among it's successfully incubated start-up. Others too numerous to count were shown to be of good strengths. The company focused on Start-ups in areas like Industry and GreenTech, Digitals and Health sectors. Not having a start-up in mind, I then decided to see how it's application process works out and noticed it's number of procedure undergone to allow a project on its Incubating List. I didn't see any place for Virtual incubation and will make Algoranov localized pending till when they expand beyond France and Europe in general.

Pros & cons

  • Agoranov is a B2B Incubation service that has helped build up many noteworthy start-ups
  • Its focus on 3 areas of start-ups, limiting itself to provide excellence in it's areas of expertise
  • Agoranov has directly created over 12,000 jobs via it's incubation program. This speaks well for the companies it works on
  • Amongst the start-up company in Agoranov list, I noticed many major and popular companies, this indicates the impact Agoranov has had in it's incubation program
  • I didn't seem to find any Virtual Incubation program, this limits the tentacles of Agoranov from reaching other parts of the world presently