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About Venture Kick

Venture Kick, a private philanthropic initiative, provides as much 150,000 Swiss francs in pre-seed funding to Swiss startups and offers structured, entrepreneurial training to build robust, winning businesses. Entrepreneurs pitch for finance as many as three times, as they compete for increasing amounts of funding at each stage. Founders gain direct feedback from the expert juries and access to an international network of successful entrepreneurs and investors.Venture Kick has supported 600 Swiss startup projects with 24.9 million francs to date. Supported projects have incorporated as 454 active companies, creating 6,033 jobs, and attracting 2.49 billion francs worth of subsequent investment. Companies founded by Venture Kick alums represented 55 percent of the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2018.In 2019 Venture Kick will support idea-stage startup projects with 4.35 million francs, to bring Swiss science to global markets.

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Venture kick

Founded in 2007 and having passed 14 years of activity and work with more than 150 managers and experts, venture kick has at various stages of its business journey set up 20 projects in Switzerland, accelerating emerging startups, doubling its…See full review

review on Venture kick by Umut.

It is a large Swiss company in the global markets and has been enlarged a number of companies issued in Swiss universities to develop speed of access among investors, professionals and industry companies and has 150 leading experts to evaluate the…See full review

If it wants to become a more preferred company, it needs to increase the number of countries in which it operates.

To be honest, I didn't know the company until days ago. Because the general focus is Switzerland, I think this causes it not to be recognized in other countries, so at least as I said, I personally just got to know it. As I understand it, the…See full review

Venture Kick incubator Review

Venture Kick is a Switzerland incubator that helps to build new business ideas that are realistic through mentorship and support without any strings attached but with an intention of seeing such business firm flourish ,actualise their goals and…See full review

Achieving success depends on each applicant himself

I have been researching the company for days and as a result of my research I realized that it is a very useful company. However, I think that the fact that it provides services for customers in Switzerland in general creates a disadvantage for the…See full review

My Research and Review about Venture Kick

Venture Kick was founded in 2007. It started with the aim of accelerating and strengthening the entry of new entrepreneurs and newly established companies into the market market and their growth in the market. It welcomes, identifies and promotes…See full review

Venture Kick: Financing option for Swiss startups

Company to support Swiss entrepreneurs in which two concepts are combined, accelerator and investor, founded in 2007, has an investment fund and a team of more than 150 expert mentors to advise on accelerator programs for entrepreneurship. As…See full review

Great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for support especially in the seed stage

Venture Kick is a Swiss-based company that provides support to entrepreneurs. They have been serving in this sector for about 15 years. This company works in harmony with Swiss Universities. It supports the initiatives of universities. Venture…See full review

A community built for a perfect purpose.

Venture Kick, this platform is an entrepreneurship support company that entered this market 14 years ago and has been doing great things since the day it entered. This company, whose foundation goals really liked, also provides 5.5 million francs…See full review

Venture kick is the best accelerator option for startups

Venture Kick is both an accelerator and an incubaator. It provides an online mentorship opportunity for startups and founders in the area of information and communication technology, life science and cleantech. All intending applicants must be…See full review