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Review on Venture Kick by Olugbenga Ajayi

Venture kick is the best accelerator option for startups

Venture Kick is both an accelerator and an incubaator. It provides an online mentorship opportunity for startups and founders in the area of information and communication technology, life science and cleantech. All intending applicants must be able to come up with promising and viable idea.

There are three stages of its mits mentorship. During the first stage, a startup will be opportuned to earn a grant of CHF 10000 which is non refundable but will also serve as a test of suitability for further stage. Hence if it returned such startup would have proved that the mentorship earned so far has been successful applied and will open such start up to further funding starting with CHF 40000 and later CHF 100000. The funds are provided without equity requirements.

Venture kick as an accelerator has been around for over a decade and has provided entrepreneurship opportunity for many graduates and researchers in Switzerland numbering into above 600 startups.

Personally, i found the grant opportunity made available to successful applicant an exhibition of generosity and a philanthropic service.

Pros & cons

  • The company has maintained active operation for years, hence it is recommendable
  • Provision of non refundable grant is a proof of humanitarian service
  • It has diversed areas of interest
  • No physical mentorship. The nine month old mentorship programme take place online only