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Agoranov is a public Science & Tech incubator that provides mentorship, office space, funding, and consultancy services to startups. The company is based in Paris.Agoranov has supported more than 380 startups that have already created more than 7,000 direct jobs and raised €700 million from private funds. Among them Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), Anevia, Biophytis, Gensight and Pixium listed on Alternext, or Aldebaran, Dataiku, Doctolib, Point Vision and Ynsect. Agoranov, founded by the Universities Pierre and Marie Curie and Paris-Dauphine, Ecole Normale Supérieure, ParisTech, and INRIA, is supported by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, the Ile de France Region, the City of Paris and the European Social Fund. Agoranov provides its 60 incubated with personalized support, a state-of-the-art acceleration program, quality accommodation in the center of Paris and a rich community of several hundred entrepreneurs.

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Have you heard about the charity company before?

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Agoranov Is A Very Important Incubator

Agoranov is an incubator company for start ups and new enterprises, located in Paris France. The incubator was established way back in 2000. The company is mainly interested in investing in greentech…See more


AGORANOV Organization are setup by individual to support country growth economically these bodies are likely focused on youths/young vibrant individual in any country so as to boost and support…See more

AGORANOV: Good initiative to support new entrepreneurs

Every day new projects based on blockchain technology emerge, most of them are financial, some of them very good. Personally, I am attracted to research and projects like this one, which I consider…See more

AGORANOV is the best company in the French

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Growing your Start-up can be made easy with Algoranov

With many start-ups finding it hard to get on their games and provide the services they intend to give, probably due to low funding, inexperience and wrong partnerships, Algonarov stands up to the…See more

A project that develops by laying solid foundations.

Hello everyone, today I will convey to you the knowledge and experience I have gained about AGORANOV. For the most part, one of the big problems of companies is having access to a suitable audience…See more

Agoranov: 20 years of Providing a Solid Foundation for Science and Technology startup companies

One of the challenges faced by startup companies, most especially the Science and Technology related companies is the problem of finding a way to reach the appropriate audience that will patronize…See more