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Review on AGORANOV by Douglas Cachazo

AGORANOV: Good initiative to support new entrepreneurs

Every day new projects based on blockchain technology emerge, most of them are financial, some of them very good. Personally, I am attracted to research and projects like this one, which I consider an excellent initiative to support new entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs with good projects and ideas do not materialize because they do not have not only financial support, it is also vital to consult experienced staff in this type of business.

Agronov emerges as a support of financial aid and advice for new entrepreneurs with research and technological projects, the advice as mentioned goes from the financial part as well as personalized attention because each project accepted goes to what they call an incubator and is assigned financial resources as well as the assignment of specialized advisers to guide them so that their projects can be successful, they can also have physical spaces as well as offices well suited.

For this purpose, the company has an important group of financial companies that have provided important capital for its operation. It is remarkable the great number of entrepreneurs who have seen their dream come true in already consolidated and operative companies, in its portal you will be able to verify some of them.

Unfortunately this project only operates in France. But hopefully an initiative like this will be available in countries like mine. In which there is a well qualified human capital in need of support to move forward with their ventures. On the social level, it would generate a significant number of jobs.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent project in which everyone wins
  • It has good associates who provide important capital
  • In several years, they have already generated many consolidated enterprises
  • Personalized attention to entrepreneurs
  • Nothing about it