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According to my review of Velocity, the company has two main divisions called Concept and Velocity. Unfortunately, the Velocity section is not available (the websites of the two sections are separate) and I was only able to check out the Concept...See full review

Because the speed of your transactions does matter

In an industry full of digital assets of different functions and characteristics; Selecting a cryptographic protocol that allows us to enter the decentralized finance market requires time, analysis and evaluation; since we would be choosing the...See full review

Velocity is a good business incubator but lacks the grunt

Hello friends, I am very happy to be writing about velocity, a crypto-based project that has business policies for all segments of the community, and is also a supportive company for initial projects and startups by providing them with funds...See full review


The platform know as Velocity was established in 2008, it has been active since then and doing well according to it good tracking record. The history of this platform can be traced to the university of Waterloo, it open the door to those who want...See full review

Velocity : a supportive and functional university program and incubator

Velocity is a great project supporting entrepreneurs and founders. It is affiliated with the University of Waterloo and continues to exist with support from many places. If you have a plan to start a unique and creative-minded company and you are...See full review

My review on Velocity...

Velocity is building extraordinary companies that bring well-being and prosperity to students all over the world to get the education available, supports entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams, helps build an online marketplace, and expands the...See full review


Hello there. The review I will write today will be about Velocity. Velocity is a Canadian-based university program created in 2008. This program is an incubator that supports new entrepreneurs and helps them in their business. The fact that it is...See full review

Velocity is a multi sector incubator backed by strong University

It is my pleasure to write a review about velocity. Velocity is an incubator and early stage investor that is based in Canada. It was founded in 2008 and recently a new executive director was installed by name Adrian Cotte. Velocity is somehow...See full review

Velocity is the best for students..

Hello Friends, today I will talk about a company that is very important in the lives of entrepreneurs, investors and university students and has a social and economic impact by providing support in the development of startups and initial projects...See full review

Velocity: a project with useful goals with a lot of supporters.

Velocity is a university program and incubator that I find successful, supported by dozens of organizations and many individuals. Velocity cares and aims to support the founders and encourage them. Velocity, which aims to make a positive impact...See full review