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Review on Velocity by Bola Leye


The platform know as Velocity was established in 2008, it has been active since then and doing well according to it good tracking record.

The history of this platform can be traced to the university of Waterloo, it open the door to those who want to learn entrepreneurship and gave them opportunity to access the resources needed and tools to work with. I love the platform for not just paste the photograph of team but equally prove full details about the individual that made up of the platform. I find the platform user friendly. How to applied was clearly stated on the platform and the instruction needed was equally can be found.

I personally appreciate the role it play during the pandemic, it is amazing to see the platform to provide the needed help to the general people.

In conclusion, the platform is leaving up to expectation, it has good tracking record and put the tool and resources needed in place.

Pros & cons

  • The platform is active
  • It has many success record over the years
  • Effective team
  • Transparency
  • it should have more branch