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Review on Velocity by Mehdi hazni


According to my review of Velocity, the company has two main divisions called Concept and Velocity. Unfortunately, the Velocity section is not available (the websites of the two sections are separate) and I was only able to check out the Concept section from Velocity.

The concept section is a kind of training and helps people who have only one idea to start a business or have started a project and want to grow it.

Many people who have the idea of ​​a good project with high progress, do not have enough information and experience to start a company and get hired in this field, and that idea (s), no matter how great, if one can manage this Lack of topics may fail.

The concept section of velocity can provide good training for these people and in addition to training, it also has the possibility of virtual coaching for interested people.

This section of velocity also works with 5 other institutions with similar topics that can provide funders of startups with more information and experience.

Pros & cons

  • The trainings in the concept section start from the basics and virtual coaching is also possible.
  • Collaboration with several institutions with similar activities that increase experiences and training
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Website related to velocity section is not available.