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Review on Velocity by Umut Yıldırım

My review on Velocity...

Velocity is building extraordinary companies that bring well-being and prosperity to students all over the world to get the education available, supports entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams, helps build an online marketplace, and expands the 90,000 square foot health sciences campus on Victoria and Joseph streets.

This arena includes product development laboratories and serves as a link between healthy innovation, community relations for entrepreneurs, leading citizen at the University, and business development in North America. The company's managers say that the development of the Health Sciences campus helps expand its contributions to one sector of the global economy. It funds 8.5 million to support local entrepreneurs.

About 5,000 square meters of new space is allocated for programming its works in the area. It launched the most successful Canadian technology companies in electronic programs and is developing its resources to help founders and researchers.

Researchers have taken an important step to develop a microscope for doctors ' access to accuracy during surgeries and operations in the removal of tumors, use artificial intelligence to modernize the pathology facility, use a center to take samples of preserved human tissue and enhance medical research.

my personal opinion this company is a technology supportive of the development of the business and is unique in the joint work to reach specialized business advice, development of its products and its success because it seeks permanent success in the business.

Pros & cons

  • Supports students by developing their campus
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