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Review on Velocity by İlqar Abbasli


Hello there. The review I will write today will be about Velocity. Velocity is a Canadian-based university program created in 2008. This program is an incubator that supports new entrepreneurs and helps them in their business. The fact that it is created by a university causes the majority of the customers of this program to be students. Actually, this is a very good situation, because I think students are increasingly interested in such programs and this may cause Velocity to grow even more in a short time.

The program also has its own official site, and we can find information about the program on this site. But I think the information on the site is very scarce because I could not find answers to some of my questions. In addition, it is obvious that the design of the site has not been dealt with very much. I hope the developers can improve this site further as soon as possible. This is my review for now, but if there are any developments about the program, I will let you know.

Pros & cons

  • Although it is a small program, it tries to adequately support customers
  • Growing faster compared to other university programs
  • The main customer base is students, which I think is a great step.
  • The information on the program's website seemed insufficient to me