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About METRO Xcel

METRO Xcel is a highly selective sales driven program for technology-first startups across the entire value chain of Hospitality and Retail. We invest in companies who are market champions in pioneering new grounds with their unique digital solutions.Focused on Hospitality Tech, METRO Xcel for Hospitality is for startup solutions that are aiming to digitize the Hospitality industry at each and every touch point. Startups joining the program for Hospitality have restaurants or hotels as customers. The applications for our 2019 are now open.With a spotlight on Retail Tech, METRO Xcel is looking for startups devising solutions across the entire retail value chain and have exciting and scalable solutions for innovation in the sector.

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METRO Xcel by Ufuk.

It is a company that creates cutting-edge solutions in technology, commerce and business as the link between entrepreneurs and corporate investors, offers programs to accelerate future business…See more

About METRO Xcel.

METRO Xcel is a special contract created mainly for innovation in new hospitality and retail chains. Resources are also provided to organizations that lead to new causes with interestingly developed…See more

METRO Xcel: Accelerator for tourism ventures

Accelerator company that is oriented to support ventures in the tourism sector, with emphasis on the hotel area and also to minority vendors, in any economy tourism is an important source of income…See more


This is one of the best program that has built good name for itself over the years. The program usually runs between 14 weeks. It is run with English language. The objective set by the team is to…See more

My review about METRO Xcel

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about Metro Xcel. Metro Xcel was created in Germany in 2015. A successful company with 6 years of experience. Metro Xcel is both an accelerator, an…See more

METRO Xcel, a wide-ranging application.

My review today is about METRO Xcel, a program. This program is one of the best selling programs for hospitality and retail sales for the first great start-ups in the technology chain. In this…See more

If you are a business owner in the tourism sector, it is a unique opportunity for your organization.

METRO Xcel is an accelerator program that supports technological initiatives that can be made in the tourism field, more precisely in the field of hotel management and retailing, and seeks to find…See more

Metro Xcel apps.

When we talk about Metro Xcel, it is a hospitality and retail chain that is highly competitive, and is a well-chosen and successful sales program for start-ups in technology. they invest in…See more

Entrepreneurs seeking support to scale up

METRO Xcel is a platform that entrepreneurs apply for support. It particularly supports initiatives in the hospitality and retail sectors. It serves globally. They work very actively on social media…See more

METRO Xcel is spreads and develops at breakneck speed

It is a company that supports industrial projects and supports Xcel's advantage to collaborate with startups and accelerate business in the future. It offers customized programs at the outset…See more