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Review on METRO Xcel by Gunay Ovezova

About METRO Xcel.

METRO Xcel is a special contract created mainly for innovation in new hospitality and retail chains. Resources are also provided to organizations that lead to new causes with interestingly developed solutions. METRO Xcel for Hospitality Technology aims to take the initiative to count hospitality.

The new businesses included in the hospitality program have canteens or residences as customers. The search will be open in 2019. METRO Xcel is looking for new vendors who are contracting with retail prices and responding strongly to developments in the region.

Since its inception, Xcel has worked with 9 partners in sectors such as METRO, Target and P&G. He successfully completed 40 programs with 80 residential and retail technologies and worked with an IPO.

They understand that innovation projects need to be disciplined and mastered in order to succeed through long-term participation. Xcel then offers a variety of projects, including the development phase and the partner’s core objectives.

Pros & cons

  • Adopts online programs for the convenience of people.
  • It brings together investors, entrepreneurs and companies and creates a dynamic structure.
  • There is no downside.