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Review on METRO Xcel by Douglas Cachazo

METRO Xcel: Accelerator for tourism ventures

Accelerator company that is oriented to support ventures in the tourism sector, with emphasis on the hotel area and also to minority vendors, in any economy tourism is an important source of income, in fact many countries live on tourism and that is its main economic arm, which is why the importance of this type of accelerators for ventures in that segment.

The company has been founded recently, it started in 2015 and since its foundation it has supported 80 successful ventures which have generated many sources of employment and generated foreign exchange to the economy, since they have raised almost 500 million euros, that impacts positively on the quality of life of society.

If you apply you will have access to programs with expert mentors in the areas of hospitality and retail sales of mass consumer products, access to a network of partners and investors to boost your venture, marketing support and support from the already created community of entrepreneurs in the area.

To apply you must fill out the form available on its website, in English, which is the official language for the entire program, there is a pre-selection which is done remotely, but if you are already accepted before formally starting you must attend in person at the headquarters assigned to you for final interviews, it will depend on it the final entry to the plan. If you reside in the European community you already have a great advantage.

You must have a formally registered company, and they will not accept personal companies, that is to say, only one founder,

Oriented to European countries, the main headquarters is in Berlin Germany, I consider that it is an accelerator program that would be important to install in regions of South and Central America.

Pros & cons

  • It benefits many ventures in the European Union.
  • Its foundations generate jobs and important foreign exchange income.
  • It has many expert mentors in the area of tourism and sales.
  • Extensive support from partner companies in the European Union
  • I have nothing to say about it