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Review on METRO Xcel by Umut Yıldırım

METRO Xcel is spreads and develops at breakneck speed

It is a company that supports industrial projects and supports Xcel's advantage to collaborate with startups and accelerate business in the future. It offers customized programs at the outset, partner network Channel, pilot job opportunities, expert training, investor network, post-program community, support and project development between startups and traditional industries. It has been activating programs for 6 years since its inception and supports projects on more than 80 companies in all fields and developing 40 programs in one year and is one of the largest projects around the world. It suppots small and medium enterprises, with more than 70 companies in its provinces to support the largest projects for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. It is distinctive in this company that it has a voice among other companies and supports Xcel in its business and this makes it different. It started its first program in 2015 and employs more than 70 workers in all its technology fields. In my personal opinion, this company achieves great successes under the management of its creative CEO.

Pros & cons

  • Accelerates industrial and technological projects to raise the economic level
  • There are no annoying aspects to this company's design