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Review on AGORANOV by Benaiah Akinlade

Agoranov: 20 years of Providing a Solid Foundation for Science and Technology startup companies

One of the challenges faced by startup companies, most especially the Science and Technology related companies is the problem of finding a way to reach the appropriate audience that will patronize the products and services they offer or propose to offer. This often leads to these companies crumbling down due to lack of appropriate backbone or support. France has found a way to give a support system to its startups through an incubator system known as Agoranov.

Agoranov is a public Science and Technology incubator which mentors and provides support, funding, and consultancy services to startups by investing in the fields of Industry & Greentech, Digital & Health. The company, which was founded in the year 2000 is based in Paris and has provided support for close to 400 startup companies.

The company comprises of a 5-member team which is in charge of making it easier for startups to access the skills, infrastructures, and tools essential to make their businesses a success through a selection process that is conducted confidentially. Some of the startups that have been supported by Agoranov includes: Criteo (also known as NASDAQ: CRTO), Anevia, Gensight & Pixium, Dataiku, Ynsect, to mention but a few.

I’m of the opinion that this incubator platform is a perfect support needed by startup companies for them to have a level playing ground to survive the tides and early wobbles usually suffered by startups.

Pros & cons

  • Agoranov has made available close to 60 incubators with personalized support for quite an impressive number of startup entrepreneurs with modern acceleration program and conducive accommodation.
  • The selection process of the startup is conducted in a confidential manner. Agoranov has the full support and backing of the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, the City of Paris, and the European Social Fund.
  • Agoranov makes use of modern-day State of the Art Technologies in empowering startups
  • Agoranov works with close to 12 technology products and services which includes Google Analytics, HTML5, and jQuery. It is also actively using around 20 technologies for its website development, including Viewport Meta, iPhone (Mobile Compatible), and SSL.
  • Agoranov is only available in France
  • The website is only available in French, no support for other languages