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Have you heard about the charity company before?

There are many companies in the crypto market. However, while some of them manage to become popular from the moment they come to the market, some of them cannot survive and go bankrupt or cease to serve.

At that moment, Agoranov company steps in to support companies that cannot survive. So now I want to share my views on what this company is and how it serves.

This company has recently started serving Paris by a small group of people. The main purpose of the company is to support new companies by offering large investments. To put it in plain language, the company is an intermediary, that is, it finds large investors, then offers companies that meet their criteria to investors. When investors realize that they will profit from these companies, they support the company, that is, it sponsors one on one.

However, it is currently serving only in France. I consider this situation negatively.

It has now served nearly 400 companies, including some of the most popular companies. It looks great that it has such a large audience despite its new arrival.

However, as a result of some of my researches, the company charged a lot for its services, but I am not sure about it, this is just the result of my research.

Even though it has beautiful designs when I visit the official website, there are many issues that I do not understand.

Generally speaking, this company seems to only support companies, not users.

Pros & cons

  • a new system.
  • Beautiful designs.
  • supported many, including popular companies
  • The promotional articles of this company have spread widely on social media recently.
  • There are many topics I do not understand on the website
  • It is said to be a company that charges high wages.
  • Social media accounts are not active.