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Review on Venture Kick by Ufuk Yıldırım

Venture kick

Founded in 2007 and having passed 14 years of activity and work with more than 150 managers and experts, venture kick has at various stages of its business journey set up 20 projects in Switzerland, accelerating emerging startups, doubling its appeal to young companies and connecting with investors and professionals. It supported 34,250,000 Swiss francs, created 4,200 million francs from projects created by startups, attracted 4,200 million investments and provided 8,100 jobs for both men and women. In my opinion, it is an investment model and charitable support for Swiss companies and provide professional guidance to entrepreneurs active in the development of their investments and business, and this system does not rely on investment or idea to obtain financing, but needs skills and scientific ability to be successful and sophisticated and provide guidance to deal successfully with workers to succeed

Pros & cons

  • It was able to reach the world in a short time.
  • No cons yet