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Review on Venture Kick by SERDAR SEYLİYEV

If it wants to become a more preferred company, it needs to increase the number of countries in which it operates.

To be honest, I didn't know the company until days ago. Because the general focus is Switzerland, I think this causes it not to be recognized in other countries, so at least as I said, I personally just got to know it. As I understand it, the service provided by the company offers a new entrepreneurial opportunity for new researchers and entrepreneurs in the country where it operates.
It seems enough to log into the website and apply to participate in this. However, they do not invest in the service we want to provide. Because it is necessary to pass tests consisting of several parts. In other words, after providing the initial funds, they move to the second stage according to the income we earn, and then in the same way, after the test phase, different stages are passed. In fact, after each stage, the funds invested in return for the income we receive from our businesses increase. Of course, these funds are determined based on the success we have achieved.
In short, as an applicant, it is necessary to put forward different ideas and make a great effort in order to get help and increase the aid received. After all, I think it is not possible to achieve success without any struggle.

Pros & cons

  • Great success in a short time.
  • There are thousands of applicants.
  • It can be known in detail about the service it provides on the website.
  • New developments are always published in the news section.
  • its general focus is only on the country of Switzerland.