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Review on Venture Kick by Navruza Saitkulova

Achieving success depends on each applicant himself

I have been researching the company for days and as a result of my research I realized that it is a very useful company. However, I think that the fact that it provides services for customers in Switzerland in general creates a disadvantage for the participants of other countries. I think the working logic of the company is actually not that different, so at least this is my opinion and this issue is discussed. If you are a graduate or entrepreneur and you are aiming to grow your own business, you should apply for this. Because they make great contributions to the sector that customers want to serve. In other words, to put it more clearly, they provide the investment funds for the company we established and get their share of the income we earn. However, they make a small investment to prevent major fraud and every customer is tested. After the expected income of the company is achieved, they help the company gain popularity with large investment funds. Even if they provide assistance with this, I think gaining popularity seems to depend on each client's own effort.
It is enough to visit the website to get detailed and clear information about these issues. However, I think that the design of the website is very complicated and new contributors will have a hard time.

Pros & cons

  • gives great chances for graduates and entrepreneurs
  • it has many popular supporters
  • won the appreciation of thousands of customers
  • has seen great interest in social platforms lately
  • the test figures are too high
  • The advantage of other countries compared to Switzerland is low