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Review on Venture Kick by Josh Bellz

Venture Kick incubator Review

Venture Kick is a Switzerland incubator that helps to build new business ideas that are realistic through mentorship and support without any strings attached but with an intention of seeing such business firm flourish ,actualise their goals and objectives and stick to them. Over the last Venture Kick has immensely giving young start up innovation the kick they need to be at the fore front in the global industry and provide the established business firms the management skills they need in running their business, this has promoted the growth of some Switzerland companies. Venture Kick has done very well within its last 14 years of existence in accomplishing its goals by creating a platform/channel for entrepreneurs to meet investors who might show interest in their business start-up. You might have a nice business idea but lack revenue to establish and grow it but with Venture kick getting revenues to kick off your business idea is no longer an hassle as long as you have a unique and excellent idea.

Pros & cons

  • It has contributed greatly to the growth of many Switzerland companies
  • The provide funds to entrepreneurs
  • They serves as mentors to entrepreneurs
  • Not very popular