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Review on Sceptre E325B-QPN168 2560X1440 DisplayPort Monitor with Built-In Speakers, Blue Light Filter, Flicker-Free, Frameless Design - IPS Technology by Rob Schlicker

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Excellent budget monitor with 1 small flaw

For the money you WILL NOT find a better deal on this high quality 32" IPS 2k 100+Hz HDR! Love everything about it. Smooth graphics for gaming. Very bright. AMD Sync (and apparently Gsync too) works great. I use this for Playing mostly with Ryzen 7 3700 GPU and Nvidia 2080tx. I'm not an avid FPS gamer. There are also many World of Warcraft and similar games. There may be a little black spot in one corner but still amazing. When I did the HDR setting in Windows the screen suddenly became almost gray and washed out. I then explored the settings in the monitor buttons menu, enabled HDR and synced it there and the colors appeared. You can also check gamma, color temperature, hue, saturation and more Customize it to your liking. The blue light eye protection is good too. It has RBG lighting on the back of the panel if you like it. I'm alone in my office. No one will see. It's me no matter. The stand comes with VESA mount brackets that are adjustable in height, tilt and orientation (vertical or horizontal). It's SOLID with a lot of weight. I like that the leg is a flat design rather than a tripod because it frees up more desk top space and also allows you to mount the monitor very low in height if you need something flat. The height adjustment is convenient. Just gently push or pull to move it. The red U-handle at the top of the mount makes it easy to move and/or carry when needed. It's a bit noisy and tinny at full volume. Nothing fancy, but works for basic audio and display needs. In any case, most gamers have a premium headset or external speakers. CONS: This monitor has a noticeably loud electrical hum. Like fluorescent ceiling lights. Thought it might be a defect. So I ordered an exact replacement and still the same thing happens. If I disable HDR and lower the brightness to 50%, the hum is almost gone. Definitely a backlight/brightness issue. Through communication with Scepter Technical Support, this is because the power supply is located on the back of the monitor, while other monitors may have the power supply in the power cord. If you use headphones or speakers a lot, you might not notice it at all. But if you're in a quiet room and you're looking at a screen with documents etc., you can definitely hear it. I am particularly sensitive to noise and this noise annoys me. I feel like I'm "locked in a cubicle" and it's stressing me out. I can't hear it It might not be a problem for you. IDK. I am very pleased to be returning this monitor as like I said you will not find anything else that compares at this price point. I'll probably keep it because I threw away the box too soon and it would be so cumbersome to send it back in the standard packaging. *** Positive Note: Specter's customer service and technical support is top notch! They live in the USA and are polite, professional, knowledgeable and clear in their communication. Your email response time is also fantastic. Most were same day or within 24 hours. I sent them a video clip of the noise and they agreed it was loud enough to be a possible defect. They were very helpful in troubleshooting. This is the only monitor (E325B-QPN168) that I know of that has this noise problem. So I guess as long as my office is quiet I just turn on some white noise or music. When I play, that's a moot point.

img 1 attached to Sceptre E325B-QPN168 2560X1440 DisplayPort Monitor with Built-In Speakers, Blue Light Filter, Flicker-Free, Frameless Design - IPS Technology review by Rob Schlicker

  • Good buy for a QHD monitor.
  • I will not do 1440 by 120 on PS5! no HDMI 2.1

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