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Review on Cocopar Portable Monitor Upgraded FreeSync Nintendo 17.3", 1920X1080, 60Hz, J173FH10F, HD by Atlantahaus Knight

Get a desktop experience on the go!

I work from home on a large 27 inch monitor. When I travel, there's just nothing I can do on my tiny 14-inch laptop screen. There just isn't enough screen real estate. I spend valuable time scrolling through documents or switching between applications that would be close at home. It's just not productive. I even went so far as to travel with my 27 inch monitor! It barely fits in a large suitcase, and when placed between two pillows it offers relative protection from airline abuse. However, that meant having to check my bag in, not to mention lugging around two suitcases with me everywhere. After only two rides, I realized that this method wasn't practical. This portable monitor is the perfect solution! It's big enough to offer a full 1920 x 1080 resolution, but small and thin enough to carry around. Fits perfectly in the center of carry-on luggage, with clothing on the sides for protection. I tried putting it in my laptop bag in my backpack but it was too long to fit. You will need a larger backpack if you want the zip to close. Having said that, I'd probably still recommend packing it in a suitcase as it's quite heavy. Carrying a laptop and this monitor on your back would put a lot of strain on your shoulders. The functionality couldn't be simpler. I just used one of the two included USB-C cables to connect it to my laptop and bam! My Windows desktop was there. No additional settings and fiddling with the settings. By default, Windows recognizes the new monitor as an extension of your desktop, which is probably what most people want. Personally, I prefer to leave my laptop closed and use an external monitor as the only display (with external mouse and keyboard), which is easy to change in Windows settings. Speaking of the cables that come with it, I couldn't be more impressed with their quality! All three cables that came with it (two USB-C and one HDMI) were very high quality, not the junk that most companies include just to say they provided the cable. I have a feeling they will last a very long time. Although I bought it for on-the-go productivity, I was surprised to find the additional functionality: it connects to my phone and displays the screen! Now that I've finished my work, I can watch movies on the big screen without squinting at my tiny phone. I used to take my tablet to watch movies, but this screen is much larger than even the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Connecting to an Android device is as easy as connecting to a laptop: just use the same USB-C cable Apple users will need a Lightning-to-USB-C converter, which Cocopar doesn't include, but it does Request sent free of charge. Dynamics. They are just awful. You have to turn the volume on the monitor all the way up and then turn the volume on your device almost all the way down to be audible. These speakers work well (I only need them for standard Windows audio). feedback like email and instant notifications), but they're terrible for movies. It's very inappropriate to have a big beautiful picture with a terribly tinny tone. You can solve this problem by connecting headphones or an external Bluetooth speaker to the device, but you shouldn't. I deduct a full star for that. a speaker. I was going to pull two off - they're so bad - but I love everything else about this unit so much I've persuaded myself to give it 4 stars.

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Pros & cons

  • 17.3 inches
  • The monitor is too heavy to move.

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