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Review on Diskless Synology DiskStation DS418-4 Bay NAS for Enhanced Storage by Mateusz Czyta ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best product I have ever reviewed, I recommend it to everyone!

Before buying this unit had nothing to do with NAS. I thought that I would have to suffer for a very long time in order to set everything up, install it. In Delhi, Synology has done everything very intuitively. Most of the work takes place in their proprietary shell, which runs through the browser. The interface is made in the style of Windows or MacOS. All Russified, understandable. For this system storage, I first bought 2 6TB hard drives from Seagate IronWolf. The RAID type was chosen by their own manufacturer, namely SHR. It either looks like RAID 5 or 6. After the calculation, I realized that there is not enough space even with this type of RAID, so I bought 2 more disks of the same. As a result, one of them acts, as I understand it, by the same disk for fault tolerance. And out of the total volume, which is about 24TB, it turned out 15.7TB available to me for personal use, which will be seen in the attached photos. All instructions for entering their shell through the browser are very well and clearly described in the manual. I note that the dark mode from Browser goes well with the Synology shell, if this is important to someone. In their app store, you can install a lot of useful programs, and all of them are free. I want to mention their web application for downloading torrent files. Of course, it is slightly inferior in functionality to many other torrent clients, but for the average user it is quite a suitable and convenient thing. You can put it on download by simply dragging and dropping the torrent file into the torrent work area. Can simultaneously download or distribute up to 80 files. Their entire shell is fully translated into 2022, with the exception of some names. It is possible to increase the warranty service from the manufacturer, but alas, for the 2022s this is no longer relevant. The disks themselves are first inserted into special baskets, which, in turn, slide into the inside of the case and are fixed there. According to its work, it turns out to be very noisy, there is always a rumble, so I had to to reduce these very vibrations.

img 1 attached to Diskless Synology DiskStation DS418-4 Bay NAS for Enhanced Storage review by Mateusz Czyta ᠌
img 2 attached to Diskless Synology DiskStation DS418-4 Bay NAS for Enhanced Storage review by Mateusz Czyta ᠌

  • - Easy to install and configure - Compact - Quick-release drawers for hard drives - Two fans at the back for cooling - Two LAN connectors - Two LAN wires included - The power cord is sufficient - Status indicators - Has sound signals - Very user friendly software - Supports multiple RAID - Frequent ates - You can easily watch 4k movies through it - Fast loading movies - Lives his own life - There is a separate application for downloading torrent files - A large number of applications, plugins, etc.
  • - Very noisy, it is the work of the hard drives themselves in it - No vibration dampers on hard drive cages - All plastic - Special key for opening and pulling out the basket for HDD, which can be lost - Not the most productive hardware - New hard drives are always formatted, which takes a very long time. then they are checked again. All this can take more than a day. - Expensive, given that you need to buy another hard drive separately for it - External power supply

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May 29, 2023
Hope it lives for a long time.