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Review on Unity by Evgeniy Zaytsev

Cool software for game developers. Simply the best

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Unity is an engine for creating games of any complexity and for any platform that the developer wishes.

At the very beginning of my development journey, my dream was to create games that would be played by millions of people. Of course, now I'm a web developer, but it doesn't matter. Love for games and their creation is with me forever. Taking the first steps, I took up the creation of my first project in the ity environment and was a little discouraged: a lot of information that is difficult to drive through myself.

What is the engine capable of?

First: everything that just comes into your head can be implemented. There are no restrictions, but for really cool ideas you need to have a large amount of skills and knowledge. I will give advice: if you do not want to learn c #, then it is better to immediately remove Unity. The language is incredibly flexible, but difficult to learn, and you can write almost any game with it.

My first project was the development of the game "Snake 3D". I could partially find the code on the Internet, but I did most of it myself. I had to work with animation, sound, creating models, etc. So it is quite difficult for one person to do everything with a bang in a short time.

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The engine allows you not only to use ready-made templates from the internal store, but also to import your own, which are made by you (for example, models from Blender). Thanks to the wide possibilities of such use of external resources, Unity does not limit the developer.

Animation is a separate issue. You can combine the animations you need in the form of blocks, specifying their duration and switching logic right inside the environment.

Visual Studio is usually used to write code, but in general, you can use any IDE you like.

It is worth recalling that if you want to make mobile games, then Unity is ideal, but for PC games, it may be better to use nreal Engine, because. on this engine, the program code is written in C ++, which makes your scripts faster. This allows you to make heavy games that work quickly without lags and freezes.

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Based on my experience in Unity, I can definitely say that before you get the finished product at the output, you will spend several months learning technologies and developing skills, but this is only a plus for you as a developer. Without programming skills, of course, you can make a simple project, but most likely it's not worth it. Recommended for use by beginners and fans of creating games for mobile devices 100%

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With the new engine update, Unity has added a huge number of innovations. Updated to the latest version just today, after a long break. The interface of the program has become less loaded, the sialo is much easier to navigate in it. If you are used to the old version, then most likely the update will make you get used to the interface for the first time.

I personally liked

Pros & cons

  • A lot of possibilities
  • Cross-platform
  • Need a lot to learn
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