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Review on XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive - 4pcs HD 1920TVL Cameras for Home Surveillance with Night Vision & Remote Access by Tyler Cash

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ok for a basic system. Advanced users, eh

I have to echo some previous reviews - if you're looking for a system with a few cameras that you can throw up, record on a loop just in case with ok-enough picture, then this could fit the bill. If you're looking for anything else in the realm of remote access, ease-of-use, or concise menu options, then look elsewhere.It does hook up quite easily, cameras have plenty of cable to get where you need them, and a single outlet will power four cameras all through their individual cables without a need for power at each location. both VGA and HDMI inputs available for monitors, which is nice. The cameras are fully adjustable, using screws on the hinge, which took me a moment to find, but at least the mounting options are plentiful in that regard. I will say though, there's virtually nothing in terms of weatherproofing on the connectors on the camera end so while these may be outdoor cameras, you might need to either tuck those up under something, or at the very least wrap them in something to seal them from the weather.The onscreen menu is passable, moreso if you know anything about resolutions or networks or anything that might pop up. There is nothing else on screen to tell you what anything does or is for. I did notice that in the menu, 1080 resolution shows a max of about 16 fps. That's ridiculous for a wired camera at 1080, honestly, at this point in time. And remote on the app, when it works, has god-awful refresh rates. I'm lucky to see 5-6 FPS, and that's with plenty of upstream bandwidth plugged into it. Plus, It buffers and reconnects constantly, so it's not really helpful.I can't speak on how tech support is directly, but the website is basically a marketing page with virtually zero help. It does give you a walkthrough on how to connect remotely - which is done via Local and not with an actual login. Strangely, this actually works out of the box, mostly. But the Community page is devoid of anything but 4 or 5 questions people have asked, and zero answers. Trying to register to the app is pointless, it just fails. Haven't tried the website but with basically zero interaction, there really isn't a point. And lastly, I went to register the warranty, and it prompts you to write a review on about the 3rd step of registration. You can't bypass it, or skip it. This means that you are being asked to review a product you might never have even turned on, just to register the warranty. Then, after I wrote a review saying "I'm only filling this in because it won't let me go past without it", it then tells me after my review is reviewed, I might get a $30 refund as a "gift". In a way it amounts to buying a good review - but they don't even tell you that until AFTER you fill something in, and if you do it like me, I'm sure they won't really feel compelled to give you a gift for a sub-par review. Very stupid to have that as a step in the warranty process, honestly. I'm all for companies asking for a review, but making it mandatory to even register what is already a pretty lacking warranty (6 month) period, is kind of pointless.It does physically work fine, and if you can navigate the menu, or are looking for something you can basically plug in, start recording, and only care about checking the feed or playing back to review, it'll work fine. Anything else you manage to do with it, luck of the draw.

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  • Easy to use and works well.
  • Limited warranty may not provide enough coverage for all potential issues

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