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Review on Air washer Winia AWX-70, white/turquoise by Dorota Mackiewicz ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not perfect quality, there is a small defect.

I can not compare with other models, I used only this humidifier. Next time I will definitely not take something from this company, I will try others. Different pros: Sprays water fairly quickly. After the first switch-on, it works at increased power for about 2–3 days, until the room is saturated with moisture, after which it works as usual. It does not make much noise during operation (in normal mode, more in shortcomings), in night mode it does not make noise and does not glow. Different cons: Biggest disappointment: knocking. After about a year of use, it started rattling. Knocking due to the slipping of the teeth of the gears between the motor and the main shaft of the dampening discs. The nature of the knock: it will knock 5 times, then everything is fine for 3-5 minutes, then it will knock again, etc. The case is plastic, the knock is loud. If the disks are not cleaned for a long time (about a month), something like scale begins to accumulate on them (the water at home is not the softest), the weight of the disks increases, it becomes more difficult to turn the shaft, it starts knocking more and more. Cleaning disks is a separate epic. Takes at least an hour. You need to take everything apart, scrape it with a brush, rinse . Each disc takes more than a minute. It is not very convenient to pour water.