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Review on SKYTECH Gaming Archangel Desktop Computer - 30" Curved Gaming Monitor by Bryan Harper

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Decent PC at a decent price.

Arrived well packaged, assembly was easy. All boot disks were included. Just plug it in and run it and it's ready to go. The mid-tower chassis offers room to customize and add things if you want. The PC comes with 4 x 3 RGB fans and 1 x 3 pin fan. 3 fans are configured for exhaust and 1 3-pin for intake. That was one of my problems. Three exhaust pipes typically moved air. An air intake is located on the front of the case which also doesn't let much air through as this thin opening on the side of the case causes the air to go very negative and sucks air from every slot into the case. As a result, I had to add 2 more fans to the front of the case. Even now the air is still a bit negative due to the hull design. Another issue I have with this PC is that the 3 included RGB fans are mounted on the LED strip on the front of the case. They are powered by a SATA 3 (Molex) adapter, but the interesting thing is that they are powered by a 4-pin RGB cable connected in series with all 3 fans and the LED strip, there is no fan cable, i think they are 2 pin fan connected to turn off the power? I haven't tried daisy-chaining anything with an exposed connector to see if this theory is correct. However, this setup leaves most of your RGB headers blank. The problem is that you cannot sync these fans. I haven't tried connecting them to any of the headers as I have no idea how many amps they draw since the fans are also connected to that header. Another thing related to the fan setting was that the dual fans on the GPU started spinning faster and the case got louder from them towards the fans. Since I added new fans it hasn't been a problem. So with two additional fans, it's generally quieter. That's why I reduced it to 4 stars. Now about why it falls to 3 stars. The motherboard has built-in WiFi. You should get 2 antennas from the PC. Mine came with only one. So I chatted with Skytech, a friendly support guy said he would email me directly with a confirmation email. Well it's been 2 months now and I'm still waiting for neither. Hopefully I don't have this problem if something else goes wrong. The computer performs very well at 1080p on high settings for demanding gaming. 1440p in more demanding games it starts dropping frames and gets sluggish, in less demanding games I could run 4k just fine. So this machine won't be an Ultra machine unless you're playing something older. It was generally cheaper to buy this (was on sale back then) than to build something like this as PC component prices are crazy now. Since it's not for sale, you can assemble it for around $800 if you look for parts. I got it cheaper. If you don't delve into the details, this build can cost around $1,200. It took 2 months but changed to 4 stars since they finally sent me my antenna.

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