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Review on Skytech Gaming SKYTECH Archangel Computer Desktop Gaming 30", Curved, by Howard Cross

Best Rating Ever - Top performance would have been better if it wasn't for the terrible SSD.

I bought this unit for myself as a daily driver. I do graphics and gaming, so video performance was important. I've been in IT for years and used to build my own with the best graphics cards, the best motherboards etc, but I'm too old and busy for that sort of thing these days and wanted to see what a 'custom' unit looked like from like with shelves on Revain. . After benchmarking, some really interesting things became apparent. The unit is beautiful, well made and unlike my first Skytech computer (which was misconfigured) everything seems to have been installed correctly. The fit and finish are great and I love the fans and LED lights that give it a nice touch. I used Passmark software to test this build. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Passmark gives this build a 75% rating. In my experience, this essentially means it beats 75% of people who have recently tested their computers. Since most users are fans like me, that usually means the bar should be raised. So the 75% score means this machine beats the 75% of people who spend money on a GOOD system. that this machine design is a monster when it comes to gaming and general computing power, but can't be a real killer due to some parts they really failed at. The worst thing about this machine is the SSD hard drive, which reached 3% performance. The PNY CS900 is one of the WORST hard drives you could ever buy. Undoubtedly, 3% affected the overall performance of the build. In my experience, hard drive performance affects how a computer performs and feels more than ANYTHING. Storage performance was also average. You could spend the same money and get better memory and, for goodness sake, a DESIGN hard drive. Literally the worst hard drive to cost as much or more than some star performers. I do not understand. This system could rock with the ultimate HD. Too bad it's not that easy to replace (as is memory).

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Pros & cons

  • Product 2: DP up to 200Hz refresh rate / HDMI 2.0 up to 120Hz refresh rate: 200Hz is more than double the standard refresh rate and offers gamers a distinct advantage as frames transition instantly without leaving behind a blurry image.
  • Limited brightness

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