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Review on Wintact Digital Anemometer And Weather Station For Accurate HVAC Duct And Outdoor Measurements by Greg Peitz

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Junk unit / inaccurate with a poor warranty that protects the company, not the user .

I really wanted to use this digital anemometer during the fall and winter months when we have harsher weather. The anemometer is exactly what I wanted to set up an amateur weather station. Today there have been some fairly heavy gusts, apparently up to 20 miles per hour plus. When I set up the anemometer, I put in some Eveready Gold batteries instead of the included ones. I do appreciate the fact that these were included.The wind velocity was fairly accurate when I was outside, but the digital display seems to go all over the place. I can quickly switch to check the wind flow with the touch of a button. When I first set up connector, I was very careful to put it under magnification to ensure I wouldn’t bend the pins. I’d highly recommend doing this so as not to inadvertently put the connector in wrong.The learning curve isn’t all that steep and the small instructional manual fairly decent. I immediately ran into issues as I tried to toggle from Centigrade to Fahrenheit. It toggled readily, but remained inaccurate. The humidity level was totally off as well. I have an accurate weather sensor here and, for good measure, checked the hourly forecast at a nearby weather station.Try as I might, I simply couldn’t get this unit to do anything accurately. I thought perhaps the wind velocity was, but it was measuring a high velocity when the fans on the wind wheel weren’t even turning. We are having heavy wind gusts (check my photograph) and I seriously had my doubts as to the accuracy when I saw a Norway spruce bend in the wind. Defective unit? Possibly, however the one I got was junk.The warranty isn’t a good one as they "disclaim any liability due to transportation damages, incorrect use or operation; manipulation, alterations or repair attempt; without warranty card, invoice.” In other words, this company is covering their bases … no way will they replace if the least little bit goes wrong. The burden of proof is on the customer. I take very good care of my electronics. There was no shipping damage as the case was quite sturdy. I took great pains to connect the cable. Nope, cannot recommend this unit.

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  • Wind Speed Gauges
  • Although the Wintact Digital Anemometer and Weather Station is able to measure wind speed, temperature, humidity and airflow, it doesn't include any other features such as connectivity to other devices or the ability to connect to the internet. This means that there are fewer capabilities than other anemometers on the market